The Last Good Knight

How it began – a young writer friend of mine in the Phillipines talked me into entering the 2010 NaNoWriMo (or NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth) competition in October of last year.  I had no idea what to write, as I have been working on  several writing projects for the last two years.  But one night , a week before the day the competition started it occurred to me  –  How does a Hero gracefully retire from the business of saving the world?

Perhaps he doesn’t.

Perhaps there are so few Heroes that there is no graceful retirement… and then I wondered – how did he find himself in that position in the first place? He had been young and strong once; he must have had companions.  Why did he not quit when he was ahead? At that point I had my story.

And thus Julian Lackland and Lady Mags were born, and Golden Beau.  But they needed a place to live – so along came Billy Nine-fingers, Captain of the Rowdies and his inn, Billy’s Revenge.  When I first met Billy and his colorful crew of mercenaries I was hooked.  I had to write the tale.

Now begins the tale of  Julian Lackland… The Last Good Knight.

There will be many hours spent writing in this world…I can feel it….


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