Living and working in your fantasy world…

My daughter Leah and her husband are in Hawaii taking a mommy-and-daddy-break, and Grandma is here in the lovely town of Snohomish with Logan. “Sure,” I said, “I can work while he plays, no problem!”

So, here I am, attempting to be the great fantasy novelist, writing the epic fantasy that will be the defining moment of my career!  World building is the best part of writing fantasy, because if you build the world the characters will come!

Well, over the weekend the characters did come, and today I must take my characters to the big event that brought them to this fantasy world in the first place.   They must wind up the preparations and start hauling their swords across Neveyah.

The only trouble is the grandchild.  Yes he is cute, and smart and full of energy!  And he is totally not into watching Grandma work.   He is just so much fun and so amazing that I can’t write plot with him doing the cute things he does!


Still, going to the library and to the lovely cafe that cooks our dinners so well and effortlessly is so much fun!  Hearing him say that he loves the way I toast his whole-grain waffles makes me proud to be an American Grandma.

I can write tonight when he is sleeping.

      If I don’t crash first.  Grandma is one tired woman!


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