Some days are Claude Monet days…

There are just some days when you can’t get it together enough to write sentence, much less grind away on a story that just won’t reveal itself to you.   No matter how long you look at the screen or the notebook, nothing comes to you.

Those days are the sorts of days where I go on-line and look at the art of the great masters, such as Claude Monet.  His Cherry Trees are the featured image today.  Much of the most famous works of art are in the public domain because of the length of time since the death of the original artist.

The best part is that it costs you nothing to look at it online, and quite often there are excellent articles that go along with the works so that you have a mental frame of reference to go by when you are looking at the masterpiece.  Looking at the works of Monet, and the other Impressionists gives me inspiration in this way:  They looked at the world and painted their ‘impressions’ of it, so that what we see is almost as if it were filtered; and it is filtered,  in through their minds and out their paintbrushes.

That is what writing fiction is too; the filtering of what we see into what could be.  Just as the great masters of painting have done for centuries, writers also make ‘pictures’ of their impressions, but we do not use paints, we use words.  When I see the great masterpieces, and listen to music I find myself able to create again.  I find that all I really needed was to look at the world through an artist’s eyes.

Today was a Claude Monet day.  I had a goal of 3000 words to advance my current work in progress and I just couldn’t concentrate on it.  I found myself looking at Monet’s works, and listening to Mozart, two men who lived and died a hundred years apart from each other and yet they meet in my home, in my mind and they come together in my work.

I have to go now.  I know what I need to write, it is all coming to me now…






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2 responses to “Some days are Claude Monet days…

  1. Great post Connie! Full of wisdom and inspiring words, as usual. Mozart and Monet-what a magical combination.


  2. Connie, you are amazing. Each post makes me think, “Well, she can’t get any better than this.” And then you do.

    I love this post.