Reality Check

Sons are often knights-in shining-armor to mothers.  We see them as heroic, larger than life and smarter than any one else’s children.  When they are small and life sets them back a bit, we pick them up, polish them off, knock the dents out of their armor and put them back on that horse.

My younger son, Daniel, injured his foot over the weekend, and for various reasons that seemed logical to him at the time he delayed getting medical treatment. He is thirty-three and has been on his own since he was in college, so when he makes a bad decision, he lives with it and learns not to do that again.   Thus it was that by the time  he saw his regular doctor on Monday, he was in need of surgery, and there were some other complications.  As a result I was in Seattle at Swedish Medical Center this week, keeping watch while my son received the finest medical care in the world.  Seattle is a 2-hr drive up I-5 from Tenino at certain times of the day due to traffic, but when he called, I hastily packed for a 3-4 day trip and I drove up and made good time, arriving at his house in only  1 1/2 hrs.

The stress of the situation and worrying about whether he would develop a bone infection from that delay were enough to knock me off my writing schedule.  I still managed to write some on the Forbidden Road, but I think I will be scrapping that whole chapter as it is actually a dead-end.

But what this brings me to is the way that your personal life can really throw you off your writing game.  Writing is like any other sport – regular practice makes for a better performance.  My characters are in limbo now, because I took them down a side road that is non-essential to the story.  So tomorrow afternoon when I get back to my hubby and my little piece of paradise I will toss out 4,456 words.

They weren’t that good anyway.

Daniel is home at his own house tonight, and healing well.  He is now somewhat conversant with his own mortality, but is still a superhero to his mother.  I have always been one of those mothers who believes that my children, all of them, are my greatest accomplishment:  The Silver Fox and I somehow raised successful people with great core values, and while some have been less successful than their sibs in some areas, they each shine in their own unique way like the beacons that they are.

Our family is a blended family, 2 girls and 1 boy from my previous marriages, and 1 girl and 1 boy from my husband.  Whether I ‘birthed them’ or not they are all mine, and I love them all desperately.   Our children are all wonderful, loving, giving people with great intelligence and in my opinion they are all just plain good people.  It is still amazing to see the changes that they go through in their personalities and their lives in general, even when they are in their thirties as all but one of our children are.

Being in Seattle with Daniel, and having the opportunity to spend this time with him has been wonderful despite the circumstances.  We all often wish that we could have time to just get to know each other again, as friends and not just as mother and child.   They have joined that once exclusive club of adult members of the family.  We are all adults now, with separate existences and work that takes us in so many disparate directions.    Yes, I am his mother, and yes I do drive like a middle-aged lady in a strange town, but we have so much in common besides the blood.  We laugh and joke the way good friends do when ever we are together. He is extremely witty and never fails to crack me up with his casual observations.

Despite the serious nature of the last few days I have to say that I would not trade this time of easy camaraderie and friendship for anything in the world.  Like his siblings, he is a humorous man with a wry wit and slightly sarcastic streak that I enjoy immensely.  I have laughed a lot inspite of the problems.

Although, it would have been nice to have written a decent chapter on my pathetic work in progress it was just not meant to be.  That was the big reality check for me personally: that I could just lose my writin’ muscles over a little family crisis. Oh well, we are all back to normal (sort of) tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Reality Check

  1. Send Daniel our best wishes. Some things are more important than writing.


  2. Glad that such a scary situation had a “happy ending”!


  3. I’m so glad your son is all right–and that you found such a powerful silver lining in this experience. Your family sounds beautiful–and I bet the writing you ultimately come to will be deeper for this!


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