Dragons, Barbarians, and Sexy Heroes

 Sometimes I get to a place in my head where I am completely unable to write.  I have nothing to say, and everything grinds to a halt.  That is when I goof off for a day or two, playing games on my PS3.  Right now I am playing Dragon Age Origins, which is a really involved role-play game.  There is a great plot, wonderful dialogue and great characters.  You get to choose the character that you play, and you get to pick their attributes.  After a day or two of immersing myself in dragons, barbarians and sexy heroes, I am ready to get back into writing.

Another type of game that gets my mind working again is any of the Final Fantasy games.  My favorite Final Fantasy Game has to be FFXII, but I love them all.  Even reading the walk-through gets my brain working.   It must be the fact that the player has the ability to affect the outcome of the games by the choices that he/she makes, some games more than others.  When I set some characters up wrong at the outset, they can’t beat the baddies, so I have to configure the characters so that their strengths are balanced enough that they survive.  I have to figure out what they will need to know to keep the story line rolling, and get my reward of those all important cut-scenes – little movies that advance the storyline.

Everything I write is a complete fantasy, so my main problem is to set it up so that it is believable, and exciting, yet a fantasy that is appealing to the reader.   In all of these fantasy games, the heroes are sexy, the graphics are wonderful and the battles are really fun.  The storylines are timeless, and the art is incredible. This is how I want to think when it comes to writing, and these adventures stimulate my mind.

Thus, when I come to rough patch in my imagination, I chuck it all, and play video-games!  In fact, that is what the plan is for today!  My schedule: do the laundry, clean the house, cook the dinner and play Dragon Age Origins.

My excuse is that I need to do ‘research’.  It’s not like I am wasting time or anything.



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2 responses to “Dragons, Barbarians, and Sexy Heroes

  1. Ah, I’m not alone in my status as a gaming fanatic! And of course it is research – of the very best kind! Yo’re creating a character, and if you miss the mark at the beginning, it affects the ending. What better analogy for a writer?


  2. I help with the graphics for a small gaming site and the graphics in even the old games is amazing, on final fantasy