Medieval Merriment

Now everyone knows I love a good party as much as the next person, but really I am a rank amateur as compared to my medieval forefathers!  Oh yeah – those wacky noble knights and damsels knew how to get down!  I have been told that my Norman ancestors on my mother’s side, the Rogers family came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror.  At first they did quite well, and were in high favor. As such, they must have had to do a certain amount of entertaining.  For a good banquet they might have served swan, peacock, wild-boar, stag and of course salmon, along with much wine and ale or mead, since no one in their right mind drank the water.

Alas, once they fell from grace, my now slightly less-than-noble ancestors enjoyed turnips, porridge and bread at their feasts, with the addition of the occasional chicken or rabbit.

And, speaking of entertainment, in the castle there would be bards and jugglers.  Hunting parties were often part of the entertainment, and the spoils were served at the banquet.  The only hunting parties we have at Chateau Jasperson are the odd sock-hunt…

Nowadays, I go to Costco and they make a feast fit for my merriment, and I do nothing but wheel it out of the store, drive it home,  unwrap and serve it and then take the credit for thinking of it!  The back yard is often the scene of burgers and brats on the barbie, and the music that blares from the surround-sound is quite often a talented group of ‘Guitar Hero’ enthusiasts vying for stardom in the livingroom.

When I was writing The Last Good Knight I pictured Billy’s Revenge as sort of a rolling party; a place where the fun never stops. The food there is fairly simple but is always delicious: stews and breads mostly; and the music is fabulous. Billy Nine-fingers brews the best ale on the north-south trade road, and he brews enough to keep the party rolling.  Huw the Bard is the man with the golden throat who sings like an angel and tells tales that stir the adventurer in everyone.  Black hair, and blue-eyed, Huw never saw a woman he didn’t love.

And now I am putting together the framework for another book based in Waldeyn; this one featuring Huw and the very early days of Billy’s Revenge.  I don’t have a working title for it yet, but I do have the first chapter put together.  love my wild and crazy band of mercenaries.  The Rowdies are a crazy mix of nobility and commoners, and they do everything with such style!  I am already looking forward to getting started on writing the whole tale;  there are some amazing adventures locked up in my head for them!


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