The Bard Returns

For the last two weeks I have been completely immersed in the wonderful works of other authors.  This has given me so much inspiration for my next big project – National Novel Writing Month 2011!  Also known as NaNoWriMo, November is the month when thousands of authors push themselves to get a 50,000 word novel written in 30 days.

It can be done!  I did it last year; the novel which began life as ‘Billy’s Revenge’ in November 2010 at 68000 words became ‘The Last Good Knight’ and was published by Fantasy Island Book Publishing in August.  ‘The Last Good Knight’ is now available at both Amazon.Com and Barnes & Noble as a trade-paperback!  The Kindle version was released in March, and sales of my little e-book have been quite steady!

This year I am a little more prepared, in that I know pretty much what I am going to be writing about. One of the minor characters in ‘The Last Good Knight’, Huw the Bard will get his own tale!

I posted a short synopsis on my NaNoWriMo page (where I am known as dragon_fangirl):


The famed Bard’s Guild of the Eynier Valley has run afoul of the powerful Duke Grefyn; all because a Bard is sworn to tell the truth and the truth, in the good Duke’s case, is Treason.

In retaliation for the ruin of his plans to wear a crown, the Duke sends his Crows, murdering bands of thugs to wipe out the Bard’s Guild; to cleanse them from the valley as if they never were. With the golden reward that he offers for each Bard, and the diligence of his Crows, soon throughout the Eynier Valley, the corpses of Bards decorate gibbets on every street corner, and their heads roll in the gutters. No man, woman or child dares to sing a song or play a pipe for fear that they will be caught in the Duke’s slaughter. At last, there are no troublesome, truth-telling Bards to hinder him, and the long valley is once again firmly under his iron thumb.

When the cleansing began, eighteen year old Huw ‘The Bard’ Owyn had just attained his master’s pin, and most amazingly, hand of the lady of his dreams. Now on the run for his life, Huw will never marry his dear Sinean, nor will he ever become the Guild Master that his masters had sworn he would one day become. Desperate to avoid the marauding bands of Crows, Huw hides in hedges and haystacks by day, and flees to the north by night.

It is two hundred leagues to safety; two hundred leagues fraught with peril for Huw Owyn, the Last Bard of Waldeyn. But by depending on his wits and his glorious good looks, Huw the Bard just might make it to safety.

Unless, of course, he is caught ‘seeking safety’ in the bed of a bored and lonely Grefyn Countess…


I confess that I am in love with Huw the Bard, and have always planned to give Huw his own tale.  Billy Ninefingers and Slippery Jack are back, as is One Shot George and Lucy Blue-Eyes.  Lackland also will make a brief appearance, as we follow Huw’s adventures during the first two years of Billy’s Revenge.

So, beginning on November 1, 2011, I will be spending my mornings frantically putting on paper the frequently terrifying, often unbelievable, and always hilarious adventures of Huw the Bard.


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