NaNoWriMo – a world unto itself

Now begins the crazy time of year,  that time of the year when millions of authors are completely committed to getting their novel written. National Novel Writing Month is in full swing; the 30 days of November are a frenzy of writing and everthing else falls by the way.  I am now 27,000 words into my new novel, and the words are flowing.  There is a sense of rightness about the way the story is emerging.

I have come to know Billy Nine-fingers better, and Gertie Smith and Dame Bess – and I have met the young Lackland, as he was the day he left the court.  Now I know Huw the Bard as he was when he was still a green boy, untried and unaware of the turn his life was about to take.

The evil that people are capable of contrasts with the good in equal measure, and the tapestry of the tale weaves itself.  The old Grand Duke, Anvel Grefyn and his craven schemes fall awry when faced with a young and as yet unknown force of nature that all Waldeyn will know one day as the Great Knight. Yet, Lackland is himself a babe in the woods, and finds himself in the gibbet in a strange town.  Beaten and caged, he himself must be saved.  Who will save the Hero? A bard on the run and disguised as a scholar, calling himself ‘Jak the Tinker’ will do his best, as he tries to escape the same fate himself.

I have met the evil Earl Dwyn, seen his work and plotted his demise.  Love, violence, humor and tears, all have combined to make this story  leap from my mind and onto the page.  Romance, loss, death and birth, all will have their day, as we revisit Billy’s Revenge, and the Rowdies, and discover their true stories, and how they came to be.



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4 responses to “NaNoWriMo – a world unto itself

  1. Question: Once nanowrimo is over, what happens then? Is there a winner of some sort, or is it just a community thing?


    • Hello! Once Nano is over, there are many things that an author can do. If you managed your 50,000 words but your story is not done, you can take you time and finish your story properly. Then in Dec and Jan you will want to revisit and rewrite your tale. At that point you want to find a beta reader, and have them read it, telling you where the rough spots are, and also telling you what they liked the best. Then you edit it once again, taking their coments into consideration. At that point, you can decide if you wish to pursue traditional publishing, or go the self-publishing route. You will want to hire an editor to go over it for you either way.

      There are contests and other events on the NaNoWriMo website that are very exciting.

      If you have met your goal of 50,000 words, there are certificates and web-badges that each winner can download. Your manuscript is downloaded and validated before they will issue the certificate.


  2. Isn’t it wonderful when the words are flowing?? Best of luck with NaNo, Connie!!


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