The Winds of November

The winds of November are blowing through the doors and windows of my mind, scouring away any thoughts I might have had in regard to the plot, characters or direction of my current work in progress.  NaNoWriMo continues in full swing, and now at the halfway point I struggle to keep on track. Work distracts me from my goal of 3000 words per day, limiting me to only 500 on a really busy day.  Work?  Who needs to eat, I love Top-Ramen!  Becoming a vegan would be good for me!

I have randomly introduced characters who do not exist in this time frame, and forgotten to include important people who do!  That will be corrected in December, but it annoys me, and distracts me.  Still, I cannot take the time to make those changes now, my overall word count is all that matters – I must meet that goal of 50,000 words by November 30, 2011!  Words!!!  I need more words!!!

They don’t have to good words, please just give me the words!

Okay Connie, just set the scene in your mind and write it!

‘Huw Owyn is on the run from the Grand Duke Anvel Grefyn’s murdering Crows, and posing as ‘Jak the Tinker’.  He has just entered the village of Maab, which is rumored to be a bad place, but unfortunately he can’t remember why it is bad…’

At last Huw came to what had once been the center of the abandoned village.  As he approached the square, he could hear a squeaking sound, like a sign moving in the wind.  As he came to the center of the town, the sound grew louder.   At last he came upon a tall oak tree, from which dangled a gibbet.  Inside the cage was a young knight in chain-mail, a man who looked to be about eighteen.  He was either sleeping or unconscious, although he looked at first to be dead. Bruises decorated his handsome face, and dried blood matted his blond hair.  He was in a position that must have been terribly uncomfortable, and it was impossible to know how long he had been there.

Looking around him, Huw could see no one to observe him.  Still, he stayed close to the shadow of the tree’s trunk.  As he circled the trunk, he saw a large sword lying in a scabbard beneath the cage. ‘What is this… have they left his sword here to torment him?’  Carefully, he climbed the tree and inched out onto the branch from which the gibbet was suspended.  The door to the cage was at the limit of his reach, but by using his sword he was able to break the lock.

At the sound of the lock’s breaking, the young knight started and woke. Still using his sword, Huw swung the door to the cage open.  “Wait until I come down,” he told the battered man. “I will catch you when you leave the cage.  Your legs won’t work well, for a few minutes at least.”

Nodding, the knight did as Huw asked.  Once Huw was back under the cage, the knight tried to leave gracefully, but ended up falling out.  Huw caught him, and steadied him while the pain of the blood rushing back to his feet subsided.’

Okay… now I know what is going on here…   The village is cursed.

Well, I must be off, I have a tale to continue.  This chance encounter will inspire the young bard to seek out Billy’s Revenge and the Rowdies once he is safely in the north. But getting there will be the trick.  Ooohh…. Now they have to rescue the horse Lackland rode in on!



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3 responses to “The Winds of November

  1. Good for you – keep up the good work. 3,000 words a day is impressive in anyone’s book


  2. Write Connie write! You can do it!!


  3. Lisa Wharton

    You are a wonderful writer and a hardworker. I would be surprised it you have 100 books out before long.