‘Tis the week before Christmas …

‘Tis the week before Christmas and I’m on tear,  the Hoover is whirring: I’m cleaning somewhere!  The stockings are stuffed in that bin on the floor, but soon they will hang by the hooks near the door.

This year my crystal will sparkle, my silver will shine!  My tablecloth will underscore a setting divine!  ( I’m on a roll here, I’ve waxed nearly poetic!)

I just know that this year will be the year everything went perfectly!  This will be the year that nothing went awry.

The turkey is thawing in the refrigerator, and it will be perfectly thawed by the big day.  The cranberries stand ready to be made into a cranberry-walnut compote, and the recipe is lurking in my computer all ready to go.  The cookies are baking, the china is washed – I am ready for christmas this time.  Most of the presents are wrapped.  Most of the tree is decorated.  Christmas won’t catch me by surprise this year!

This year I will amaze everyone with my culinary masterpieces!   This year no slightly burnt offerings will grace the buffet…  no lumps in the gravy (I meant to do that), no partially underdone yams will abound.  No flaming marshmallow topped casseroles to liven up the conversation, no really well-done (okay black) brussels-sprouts for the children to use as hackey-sacks.

I am sure that it will be just as merry without the fruit salad crashing to the floor, or the whipped cream-turned to butter.  It will be the best Christmas ever because I have planned this shindig down to the napkins!  I am prepared for anything, so just try to over-cook you crafty potatoes, you!  I am ready and waiting, with potatoes to spare!

I promise, I vow, I will not sit down at my computer to write a thing until AFTER the food is served!

But most importantly, this year I was privileged to be a contributor to Alison DeLuca’s  ‘Christmas O’Clock’  anthology.   All the proceeds from this wonderful book are going directly to Oxfam, and helping to eliminate poverty in a way that would have made Charles Dickens proud!


Thank you Alison , for giving us that opportunity to do something really worthwhile during this crazy time of year!  Merry Christmas to all!



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2 responses to “‘Tis the week before Christmas …

  1. That’s GREAT!! You show these %$#%@ holidays who’s boss.


  2. Great post Connie! But Christmas isn’t Christmas until something burns (tempers, foods, etc…) Btw, I think I need the recipe to your cranberry walnut compote!


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