On being nominated for the 7 x 7 Award

This week as I was wracking my brain for something witty to post, I was given this challenge by another Blogger: to accept ‘nomination’ of the 7×7 Award.  Now there is no real trophy that goes along with this, nor is there any fame or fortune.  However, there is immense satisfaction in knowing that another blogger has been enjoying your work!  Also, this little award gives one the opportunity to

1. consider what posts you enjoyed writing the most

2. share the work of other bloggers that you enjoy reading  and whose work has influenced you.

Thank you Ivory, for nominating me for this award, that is very kind of you!  Ivory has a lovely blog, IvoryQuill .  I had never met Ivory before this, and am quite surprised and honored to be considered as one of her 7×7 blogs!

The rules to accept the 7×7 Blog award are:

1. Share something about me that no one (in the blogging community) knows…

I am a musician, and have written many songs.  I have played in various bands, and been a solo artist for many years.  I no longer perform in public, but I still play music with my family. I play the guitar and mandolin, along with the radio and the field. (ha ha.)

2. Link up to 7 posts of mine that I feel are worthy: 

 hmmm… some of my favorite posts to write were:

June 21, 2011 Dancing With Dragons and Other Dangerous Diversions

July 18, 2011 Writing Through the Tears

Aug 2, 2011   The Hansel and Grettel Effect

Sept 28 2011   Muscle-bound Mayhem

But my all-time favorite post is:

Oct 12, 2011  A Little Love Story

3. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award (in no particular order) and inform them that they have made my list (which I will do with pleasure!) 

Fresh Pot of Tea (Alison DeLuca)

Suspense Your Disbelief (Jenny Milchman)

DeConstruction of the Sekuatean Empire (Stephen Swartz)

The Archives of the Diogenes Club – (Steve Poling)

Zenfolio/Contemplative Photography (The Art of Roger Allen Baut)

Author Phil Torcivia’s Blog

The Militant Writer (Author Mary Walters)

My own addition to this: Some Runners Up In No Particular Order who should be in the Top Seven but there was no room:

Thomas A Knight

Imago Books Fantasy Realm (Lorna Suzuki)

Dashboard Confessions of an Undisciplined Mind (Kathleen Barker)

Eccentric Asians, Man-Eating Pandas and Other Mysteries of the World (Lisa Zhang Wharton)

Philosophies of a Young Heart (Daniel Raver)

Radical Amazement  (Amy Gruebert)

I love reading blogs.  I read blogs daily, more than I watch TV.  I hope you enjoy all of these blogs! I most surely do!



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3 responses to “On being nominated for the 7 x 7 Award

  1. Amy

    Hey Connie – thanks for the mention in your list of worthwhile blogs! It is always fun to see what other people are reading too ~ it is nice to check out some of these other blogs you have listed. Blessings, my friend ~


  2. Connie, thank you so much for the nomination. I posted it on FB that I had won a blog award and got many “likes” :). I know you are a musician but I didn’t know that you are song writer and performer, too. So public reading is easy for you. Although I’m looking forward to my public reading some day when my paperback is ready again, I really like the e-promotion.