Achieving Balance

 Ah winter!  The endless days of rainy grey darkness interspersed with brief moments of frozen hysteria!  The amazing blue of the occasional sun break – a blue that is just short of heartbreakingly beautiful, made all the more precious by its brevity.  The muses all conspire to keep me housebound and tapping away at my tales, but my soul wishes to sit in the light of the winter sun, if only it would shine.

My wellies (also known as barn-boots) sit damply near the door, and the umbrella rests near them.  The retention-pond in the front yard is full to over-flowing, and puddles dot the landscape.  I will walk the neighborhood, swathed in gortex; dry and warm in the midst of side-ways rain storms, but not because I want to.  I will do it because I must blow the cobwebs out of my mind, and the ‘fresh air is good for me’.

This week I am back on the task of writing the tale of Huw the Bard, and his adventures completely dominate my thoughts. He is halfway through his journey, and I am now wondering just how much romance is too much?  At what point do I cross the line from ‘Hubba-hubba’ into ‘OMG I can’t believe she wrote that’.  Shall I hint or be descriptive?  I have written it both ways, and will be working hard to reach a balance with this tale.  The adventure is the story, not the romance.  The romance is the seasoning that enlivens the dreary events and downright awful things that happen to Huw. He is on the run, and he is a gorgeous, generous man, but he does have some scruples. Just how many scruples is what I am wondering about. After all, when he makes it to Billy’s Revenge he will become a core member of the Rowdies!

Achieving the right balance is going to be the trick for me in this tale.  This is a tale of Waldeyn, and Waldeyn is definitely a lusty, wild place! When I am working in this realm, I have to force myself not to get carried away. I will most likely tone it down to a certain extent, and try to come to some sort of happy middle ground somewhere between ‘What? is that all?’ and ‘Oh my gawd!’.

I will most likely let this rest for a while, and work on something else, and return to it later. Balancing romance and too-much-information is never a problem when I am working in the world of Neveyah, because it is a completely different sort of a tale. In my tales of Neveyah romance is strongly alluded to, but never described in detail.

Having more than one work in progress is the only way that I can keep forging ahead, because when I run out of inspiration in one area, I can  work on another. That is my way of avoiding writer’s block and achieving balance in my own world as an author.


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  1. I had no idea you worked on two pieces at a time! No wonder you’re so prolific and I love that you call rain boots wellies!