Writing on the Fly…

I had forgotten just how much I hate to fly.  Bumpy flights and rushing around the crowded airports are not fun, but since my Star-Trek Transporter is malfunctioning, I must fly if I am determined to travel across the country!

I am awed by the differences between the warm and humid Florida weather and the cold, sideways rain of the Pacific Northwest.  The rain, when it falls, is warm!  The trees are green, and the skies are mostly blue.  The deciduous trees back home are still starkly naked, awaiting the greening of spring.  Perhaps when we get home they will have begun the process!

While I am traveling to visit family, I am of course working when I can, but I am not working 12 – 16 hour days as I normally do.  I think that my work will benefit from the change of scenery, and the fresh air.  When I get back to the cold and dark of the rainy Northwest in April I will be changed in some ways.  Just seeing the world as a tourist alters your point of view.

This evening finds me sitting in a hotel room, writing, writing, writing… My characters don’t know that we are on vacation.  They demand to be set free, and I will yield to their frantic cries at times, but really, they should just get back into my laptop and settle down.  Writing is my life, and my obsession.  No vacation is complete unless I can spend a certain amount of time pecking away at my stories!

These last few days have found me working in Waldeyn once again.  Huw the Bard is still working his way toward Billy’s Revenge.  He has been having a bit of a rough time, and things are looking grim.  Of course, that is where the humor comes in to play.  He was such a green, untried boy when his tale first began, and the real world has been quite a surprise to him! However, he is gaining experience and growing as a man, even if he is not emerging from my brain a rapidly as I would like.

But who can concentrate when the sun is shining and beach is calling?


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  1. Hope you have a fabulous time, Connie, and return even more inspired! :o)