Dragons, Fairies and Aspirin

I was fortunate enough to find a store while on vacation which supplies everything this grandma needs – Aspirin, Dragons and Fairies!  Too bad there was no Inspiration for sale there too.

Even on vacation I find it impossible to just walk away from writing, although I limit it to the  mornings and evenings.  It’s impossible for me to simply walk away and leave my work-in-progress because I fear I’ll lose my momentum, and won’t be able to get back into it. Nothing is more frustrating than a good bout of writer’s block, so I always write, write, write when I can because the day will come when the words don’t want to flow.

What do we do when we fall out of step; when the muse eludes us?  What happens when no brilliant turn of phrase comes to mind and the characters sit on the page, staring at you, waiting for you to give them life?

I write!  I just do it anyway!  Sure it sounds clunky in my head, and doesn’t flow well at all, but it is something.  The simple act of writing even when nothing wants to flow is SO important.

One time I wrote an Ode To Writer’s Block, expressing my inability to work on my true work.  It was a stinker, but it was writing and the act of writing is important.  It promotes self-discipline, which is critical if you ever want to finish your wonderful tale!

This is actually why I have 3 active works-in-progress, and one in the editing stage.  The muse fails us all at some point and when that happens on one, I can usually be inspired by getting into a completely different frame of mind.

Yesterday I came to a place in my current work that ground to a halt; and my work felt like sawdust when I read what I wrote. All I could think of was a later chapter, where an important piece of action is going to happen, but I was trying to force myself to get the story to that point… so at last I did the only smart thing under the circumstances.

I began writing the truly interesting chapter. I ‘ll connect them up later, when the muse has returned.

It’s not like we can go to the store and buy instant inspiration as if they were Dragons, Fairies, or Aspirin; although it would be a very popular store if we could!



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3 responses to “Dragons, Fairies and Aspirin

  1. It’s funny that you blogged about this today because I’ve been writing my WIP like that too. Just bits and pieces and hoping it will all link up eventually but trying to stick with inspiration as it hits…we’ll see how it works.


  2. My muse for one of my books has completely deserted me; perhaps she is at the Aspirin store?!

    Great advice, and – love the picture!


  3. I must admit I’ve never had more than one book as a WIP, probably because I’m scared of losing the thread on my current one. I must admit I was naughty when I edited your book and only wrote about 3 or 4 things and 3 of them were blog posts in all that time. Consequently when I went to try and get back into Heart Search 2 again, I was lost and had real trouble trying to get started. I ended up having to read the whole thing from the beginning (making a few additions/alterations along the way), before I could get back into it enough to continue with the story. I’m glad to say it’s now flowing well, but I won’t make the same mistake again.

    Great advice, Connie – I just wish I’d taken it when offered about 4-6 weeks ago!! I won’t make that mistake again.

    By the way, love the pic! xxx