Where is Mr. Grey when you you need him?

Summer tends to be nothing but party after party. We party here, we party there, and little in the way of work enters my head.  Come Monday I sit at my keyboard and struggle to find inspiration. Still, I know I have to write, no matter if it’s drivel or not, because if I can only concentrate, the words will come.

This is where discipline comes into it.  Where is Mr. Grey when you need him?  My summer is more like Fifty Shades of Oh Look – There’s a Shiny Thing!

It isn’t only summer, though. Life is full of distractions and focus is important if I want to really make use of my writing time but I’ve weeds that need pulling … and look, there’s all these volunteer plum trees that need to be yanked up.  They attract aphids…

I’ve been trying to finish Huw the Bard for the last two months, but traveling and … good lord, what’s that spot on the carpet? Wine? I know I didn’t put it there … Where was I… oh yes, getting Huw through his first meeting with a Firedrake.  Trying to describe the battle through visuals and scents instead of telling it is more than difficult, and I’ve been working on this section for two days now.

Just like the spot of wine on the bloody carpet.

“… as he rolled on the ground away from the flames he was in agony; his mail was cooking his arm. That spurred him to nimbleness like nothing else. All he could think was, I don’t want to die this way! God in heaven, I don’t want to go like a sausage that fell into the fire!” 

No, no no!!!  That’s not working! Let’s try “his overheated mail was cooking his arm” … still not right… cooking… look at the time, I should make dinner… wait I can’t just leave Huw in this position…

You know what? Today I think I’m going to visit my youngest and watch the baby sleep.



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2 responses to “Where is Mr. Grey when you you need him?

  1. This is so speaking to me. It is a terrible thing to have attention deficit oooooh pretty….


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