Everyone Loves a Good Knight

One way to keep my writing muscles toned and ready for anything when I am at an impasse in my current work in progress is to write a short story.  I know – it seems like if your imagination is not working well when it comes to your novel, where are you going to come up with the fodder for a short-story? I find all sorts of inspiration in my friends and their projects.

“Why don’t we put together an Arthurian Steampunk Anthology?” asked Ross Kitson, and away my mind went, leaving Huw, The Bard in the dust.

My brain was on fire over that idea!  I sat down and immediately penned about 6000 words – whether or not they are good words remains to be seen, but I had a good time writing them!  Hopefully that tale will make the cut when Ross takes his anthology to press, but either way I’ve another future novel sitting on the back burner now… *doh* …

So what is it about Arthurian Legends which have inspired some of the most beautiful poetry and amazing tales of derring-do ever written?  Why is it that we have been imagining and reimagining the life of King Arthur and his Knights (and the ladies – don’t forget the ladies) for more than a thousand years now?

He is first mentioned in the 9th century work Historia Brittonum written by the Welsh monk, Nennius.  Since then, he has appeared in countless incarnations, in mash-ups of traditional celtic folk tales by such diverse authors as Geoffrey of Monmouth, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Sir Thomas Mallory and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

There is a great need for romance in our lives, and also a need for simplicity. The Arthurian Cycle offers both and also offers endless opportunity to ‘riff’ on it; to take from one tale and mash it up with bits from another; making a new quilt which is beautiful in its own right.

I can’t wait to see what the other authors Ross M. Kitson has mentioned his project to will come up with.  It’s an awesome opportunity for, if nothing else, honing the craft of writing a SHORT story.

I’ve never quite gotten the hang of that.

They always want to grow into novels.

Or Trilogies.



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2 responses to “Everyone Loves a Good Knight

  1. Short stories are cages for great ideas. After completing one, I feel the concept pulling at the bars in my mind, demanding to be free. I can almost hear the main character shouting, wanting to grow. A back-story develops. Other personalities start falling from my imagination into place. My creativity becomes a flood of ambition. Before I can stop it, the short story becomes the outline for a novel.


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