But can I get that armor in a size 1x?

Huw the Bard has been fighting, again.  Once again I find myself examining the armor which surrounds my hero.  This is crucial, because swords are rather damaging against unarmored flesh.

So, in order to make sure my warrior is covered in armor which is both appropriate to his time and social station, I must do research. After all, I want something which will prevent him from dying before he completes his quest. Unlike my favorite RPG for my PS3, I can’t just press ‘reset’ if he dies halfway through the book!

I do a certain amount of research on Wikipedia, and I have found it is actually a good source for quick reference.  However, many people I admire and respect regularly tell me it’s not the best source for real information about anything.  SO, ever the intrepid seeker of information, I have resorted to investigating some rather obscure places.

I found an awesome website called ‘Storm the Castle’ – somewhat of a cross between a store, a game room and a library.  It is a lot of fun and I spent half a day looking around at the various different articles on archaeology and other things I found there.

Encylopedia Britannica was quite enlightening as always, however dry and boring it may be. And, they want you to buy their encyclopedia which is a lovely thing, but not cheap.  Starving writers need FREE information, thank you very much.

Then I found a place called ‘Armor, Armor and More Armor’. It turned out to have some information, and it was sort of useful, but every link was a link to a store selling (you guessed it) armor.

I found so many places with bits of information, most of them links to online stores.

Even though I have been a lifelong fan of the Society for Creative Anachronism and renaissance fairs in general, I honestly was amazed at the availability and popularity of medieval armor!

I googled medieval armor.  At the top of the list I came up with http://www.medievalarmor.com/ – which turns out to be a website where you get a little information regarding different bits of armour, but, more importantly, you can buy any item you might need for your next jousting tournament.

Yay!  I wonder if I can get a cuirass in a size 1x?  And maybe an awesome helm, with a cute feather…

So that didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.  Outside of Wikipedia, and other  Encyclopedia Websites, most of the pages listed were online stores.  Who knew there was such a market for armour!


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  1. Hmm, I’m wondering if the market for armor has anything to do with reenactments? If it doesn’t I think someone should plan a medeival re-enactment complete with authentic armor post-haste!