Romeo, Where for art thou?

I’ve gained a dog.

I wasn’t looking for one, and I certainly didn’t need one.  I had a full day of editing planned, and was eager to get home and get to work.

I was driving down a rural road here in Thurston County, MacDuff Road.  It’s a 50 mph highway out in the middle of nowhere with few houses. It is known for its twists and turns and at one point crosses the main north-south train-tracks for the west-coast, which is a very busy set of tracks.

I waited for the long cargo train to go by and as soon as the crossing arms were raised I crossed the tracks and made the curve toward my little town.  As I came around the corner I saw what I thought was a puppy, running down the road, quite upset and distraught. I stopped and opened my passenger side door.  He wanted to jump in, but the car was too high, so I walked around the car and lifted him in.

He was not a puppy, but was a full-grown Wire-haired Dachshund.  He crawled into my lap, and we drove into town.

My town is quite small.  We have 1 vet, and they didn’t recognise him, but they gave me collar and leash for him and I bought a flea-pill for $19.99.  They also told me he needs to be neutered, and is about a year old.  He appears to be a purebred.

The vet’s assistant and I named him Romeo, because he loves everyone. We looked to see if he had a chip, and he didn’t, and then we posted his photo on the internet.  Then the gal at the vet’s told me MacDuff road is where a lot of people from Olympia and Rochester drive out to, just to abandon their pets when they can’t take them to a new house, or simply don’t want them any more.  “Usually they end up dead along that road,” she said. “He was lucky you saw him.”

Next we went to the Pet Supply store and although they didn’t recognise him either, they posted his picture.  I bought a crate, and other supplies, to the tune of $99.00.  That was after they donated a bag of kibbles to his upkeep.

Romeo is a sweet dog.  He takes grandma for a walk four times a day – or maybe he’s taking her for a drag, I don’t know.  I haven’t gotten this much exercise since my week babysitting Logan.

Not a lick of work was done yesterday, but many licks of love were received!

In only 24 hours we’ve settled into a sort of a routine, Romeo and I.   Today is saturday and I plan to put up a batch of marmalade, and then get down to the business of editing that wonderful MS which lurks in my office.

Having Romeo to force me outdoors for walkies can only help with clearing the cobwebs from my mind.  If someone does claim him, I think I will be sad.  I’ve become attached to the little guy!

In two weeks, if he hasn’t been claimed I will have him back to the vets for shots, and the dreaded neutering. We will have him licensed and ‘chipped’ so he won’t ever be a lost dog again.



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3 responses to “Romeo, Where for art thou?

  1. People can be so terribly heartless sometimes… But you helped balance it out with your kindness!


  2. What a beautiful read! Romeo sounds incredibly sweet, I’d love to meet him! He was so lucky you were there to rescue him!


    • Well, Hannah – the beauty of this story is Romeo was actually an inadvertent runaway! His family was sad at having lost him, and they checked at the local vet’s to see if anyone had brought him in – and they were directed to me. So sadly, Romeo’s real name is Marshal, and he was ECSTATIC to see his boy again. I will miss the little guy immensely, but I’m not home enough to really care for a pet the way they need to be cared for, and I’m not really into leaving them in the car while I’m in a write-in, lol!