Smoke, Mirrors and Ritchie Blackmore

Ah fall! The traditional monsoons have begun and the eternal doom and gloom of the nine months of Gray has begun! There’s nothing like a pocket full of rain to set your soul to soaring! But the joys of beautiful Pacific Northwest weather will not divert me from my own personal quest – that of clearing the decks for November and the beginning and completing of my NaNoWriMo novel. 

Put on the Blackmore’s Night!  Let’s hear ‘Possum Goes To Prague’!  Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night provide the soundtrack and my mind provides the plot

I have finally settled on my NaNo book.  I will be putting the skeleton of the 3rd book in the Tower of Bones series to paper.  I say skeleton, because what the task will actually be is a 50,000  word (or more)  start-to-finish run-through of the actual story.  I will be winging it mostly, and writing as fast as I can since the NaNoWriMo competition provides the golden opportunity to get the basic story line all down.

Hmm.. is it National Novel Writing Month or National Pot-Pie Month?  Who cares! Frozen Pot-pies from Marie Callendar or Mr. Swanson will abound, as will take-out from Sri’s Curry Corner, or from Happy Teriyaki–both places my poor starving hubby can stop at on the way home from his office.

Once I have the beginning, middle and ending worked out I can spend the next year expanding on each section until I have the book at the proper length of 130-150 thousand words.  Right now I don’t even know how it ends so this will be the most critical step in the preparing of the book.

Book Two in the Tower of Bones series is currently in the third stage of the editing process.

Last year’s NaNoWriMo novel, Huw the Bard is officially complete. Now he must be beta-read by more than one reader, and he must be edited properly before he can be published.  I have pulled The Last Good Knight and am giving it a good going over to prepare it for the Myrddin Publishing  Group edition which will be re-released with a newly edited interior and new maps.

Writing a book is like running a magic show – it’s all smoke and mirrors, and special effects held together by a strong narrative.  We do as much research as we can before we write on a given subject and we try to dress our scenes in such a way the world feels natural despite the alien nature of it. We build a mental picture for the reader, and if we do it right they SEE the world we have created just as we did when we imagined it in the first place. If we do our job right, the reader lives the story.

No matter how many good reviews we get, the first negative review we receive is a bitter pill to swallow – but the dedicated author will pull up their socks and march on.  We try to look at what was said and consider if it is something we can change in our next work. If it is simply a person who is a ‘Troll’ or a professional-trasher of other peoples work, we consider the source, because those sorts of reviews don’t stop readers from buying your book.  In my case, when I see a review by an obvious Troll I buy the book just to see why someone would feel so threatened by it they had to trash it.

I love this job.  Writing allows me to travel the universe in my mind, and to be anyone I want to be. As an eternal ‘escape artist’ writing has allowed me to avoid thinking about any number of real life situations. After all, I can’t do anything to affect them so why dwell on them when there’s a world of adventure waiting for you in your head? I’m not the only author who thinks like this – Jules Verne found writing to be a solace in his very hard life. The difference here is I am a suburban house-wife who works from home and has nothing worth complaining about other than the eternal gray of the northwest winter (fall and spring.  And summer.)  I like my drama on paper!

So, here in my peaceful, zen-like living-room, I will spend the month of November  devising dramas, waging wars and designing dragons! I will listen to Ritchie Blackmore’s exquisite guitar playing and my rather cracked brain will fly freely!




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4 responses to “Smoke, Mirrors and Ritchie Blackmore

  1. Embrace the grey, Connie! When the days are short and the outlook monochrome I find it to be my most productive time – no distractions.


  2. “Smoke, Mirrors and Ritchie Blackmore | Life In The
    Realm of Fantasy” was a relatively awesome article, .
    I hope you keep authoring and I’m going to continue to keep viewing! I appreciate it ,Duane


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