Stratocasters, Ritchie Blackmore and the Muse

Today, 11-16-2012 I crested my 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo, and now have a skeleton around which to build a book over the next year.  Even though I have made my word count, I intend to use the rest of November to finish fleshing out the plot of this novel.

But for a moment, I feel the desire to bask in the glory of having achieved at least one goal!

Along the way, other goals have been met – I’ve new covers for both books in the Billy’s Revenge series. Once again Ceri Clark has knocked the ball out of the park. The Last Good Knight and Huw the Bard are nearly identical, but with small differences which play to the story in each novel. As they are each stand alone novels which revolve around the common theme of Billy’s Revenge and the Rowdies, I wanted the covers to unify them.  There will be a cover reveal post later, when things are finalized.

Tonight I am listening to an album of Appalachian music by a the late duet, Butch Baldassari who was a master mandolin player  and David Schnaufer, an award-winning dulcimer player. The album I am listening to is called Appalachian Mandolin and Dulcimer.   Both musicians are now deceased but their music and artistry lives on, inspiring me and perhaps many others in their creative endeavors.

I’ve found a great deal of happiness over the years in listening to music.  My ongoing love affair with Blackmore’s Night is well-known.  When I am writing renaissance and medieval tales it helps to have the soundtrack firmly in my head. In  many ways my character, Huw, is musically  modeled on Ritchie Blackmore.

Most people only associate Ritchie with the band ‘Deep Purple’ but his musical career has been so much more than ‘Smoke on the Water’. All one has to do is hear the opening notes of ‘Prince Waldeck’s Galliard’ and you have to ask yourself why he’s not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is an absolute master of the classical guitar and is highly respected for his musical virtuosity, and lasting musical influence. His genius in fusing classical and blues-rock is without peer.

His amazing sound sells Stratocasters to young wannbe rock stars.

I suspect he could care less about the Hall of Fame, as he is happily living his dream, playing the sort of music he loves with his lovely wife, Candice Night.  The joy they take in their craft is clear when you hear their music.

Writing and performing music was once my creative outlet.  As I’ve gotten older, I don’t play anymore for anyone but myself.  At 59 years of age I have 8 good notes and I’m not afraid to use them-but I’ve lost my fire for music. Now I listen to music nearly obsessively, and can be found with my headphones firmly attached nearly anytime, night or day.

I have, as I said, every album Ritchie Blackmore has ever done, but he is not the only music in my iPod!  I spent my youth obsessed with the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Who. I’m still obsessed with those bands, but now I also listen to Apocalyptica, Rammstein, Deviations Project, Igudesman and Joo, William Joseph, Patty Griffin, The Chieftans, and so many other fine artists there isn’t enough time or room to list them here.

To me, music is fertile soil which nourishes my creativity.  Now I’ve reached a small milestone with my word-count, I will celebrate by reading J.D. Hughes new book, ‘Northman’ which was just released today and listening to Marilyn Rucker’s Interstellar Pirate Queen.  Marilyn is  from Austin Texas, and her witty, humorous jabs at society are both lyrical and frequently hilarious. I highly recommend both occupations to you if you are looking to reward yourself this weekend!



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2 responses to “Stratocasters, Ritchie Blackmore and the Muse

  1. Great post! I listen to Muse or Sarah McLaughlan a lot when I’m writing! I find their Muse-ic very inspiring. (Excuse the play on words, I couldn’t resist. Lol) 😀