Art for the great cover-up

Medieval_forest wikimedia commons PD 100 yrsI love great fantasy art.  Fantasy art has been around for thousands of years, and examples of it can be found all over the globe. Some of the finest examples of fantasy art are in the heroic paintings from medieval times that were meant to describe the daily  lives of people. Like good fantasy, they were based in reality, but with a bit of a fairy-tale quality added, to lend a bit of interest to what they considered ordinary pursuits.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at art, with the intention of buying. I have the notion to redo all my book covers this next year, if I can get the hang of Photoshop.  I love good book covers and am always buying books based on them.  The graphics on my books are always done by the amazing Ceri Clark, but in my Tower of Bones series I’ve given her less than optimal art to work with. She has worked a miracle with what she has been given. Now I’ve amassed a really large database of affordable art, much of which will speak well to my books.

Tiepolo,_Giambattista_-_Die_Unbefleckte_Empfängnis_-_1767_-_1768_-_Drachen Giovanni Battista Tiepolo [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThis has all come about because I have completely rewritten my first published novel and am now designing the new cover for it, based on its new title. This cover is critical, because there are two books currently based in that world, and a third is partially written. The covers for all three must relate to each other.

I think I was successful in getting the right art for Tales from the Dreamtime. Ceri’s graphics are perfect and make it intriguing.

This quest for great cover art is what I must do for my Tower of Bones series too.  There are two books currently published in that series, and one more in the editing pipeline at Eagle Eye Editors. (Actually, they currently have three books of mine in their pipeline, and Tower of Bones is one of them.)


The best art for a book tells some of the story but also make the eye go “Oh yeah, baby!”  For me, that means it is colorful and mysterious, something that makes me think about the image.  I have comps of all the art I’ve ever wanted and now I must go through each image and decide which  image will be purchased. It is difficult to find great art for reasonable prices, but not impossible.

Many of my friends go to, and many others go to iStock and Dreamstime.  I have gone to all of these places, and I’ve found many pieces that will combine well to build my covers. It will not be free, but it will be fun!

All I have to do, is learn how to use Photoshop.  I am now an old dog, learning a new trick!

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  1. You make the fantasy real and the real fantastic!

    (I, too, have folders and folders of “captured” art in case I can use it for inspiration, imagination, or book covers.)