MyrddinAnthologyECoverMyrddin Publishing Presents:

Into the Woods: a fantasy anthology

A magical house in the woods…

Love affairs, bitter quarrels,
Hungry ghosts, fell demons and more await you within this enchanting collection.

Myrddin Publishing presents ten diverse fantasy tales of love, loss, hope, and horror with a dash of humor.

Containing The Forest House, a retelling of the Tam Lin story. Can Janet save Tam before his doom is upon him?

Purchase exclusively at

Kindle book $2.99/Paperbook 10.99

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available in paper or for the Kindle at

A religious refugee fleeing for his life in his own country. A trickster asking an enemy for safe haven. A horrific visit to a psychiatric ward overrun by its charges. An unexplained theft from a biomedical lab. The last known survivor of a mysterious plague. A wormhole to the most peaceful and secret place in the world. A detective on the trail of a human trafficker.

What does asylum mean to you?

In the 2015 anthology collection from the Northwest Independent Writers Association, seventeen authors explore the obvious and hidden meanings of this theme—from a werewolf on a mission and self-sacrifice in a post-apocalyptic world, to shadowy wizardry, a questing knight, and a gentle prison for geniuses.

Featuring stories by:
Jeffrey Cook • William Cook • Pamela Cowan • Jonathan Ems • Ginger Dawn Harman • Connie J. Jasperson • Madison Keller • Cody Newton • E.M. Prazeman • Katherine Perkins • Dey Rivers • Walt Socha • D.L. Solum • Laurel Standley • Rebecca Stefoff • Jennifer Willis • Matthew Wilson

One of my short works, Billy Ninefingers: Fairybothering, has been included in this collection of terrific short stories. The story revolves around Billy Ninefingers, the Rowdies, and the fundamental idea of asylum–the concept around which the town of Limpwater has grown. The Fat Friar, Robert De Bolt, pushes Billy to widen his horizons and take on a bad job in this wandering tale of snark and strange majik.

The Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA) supports indie and hybrid authors and promotes professional standards in independent writing, publishing, and marketing. Learn more at

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Christmas O'clock 2013

Christmas O’Clock

Christmas O’Clock is a collection of holiday-themed stories including magic, space travel, and Rudolph.

With two complete chapter books, lots of stories, and plenty of spirit, this anthology is great for kids of all ages.

All proceeds go to Water Is Life to help children and families in an international effort.

Featuring A Christmas Tail, by Connie J. Jasperson. Ratsy must find the coins to buy Bert a Christmas present. Can he do it before Christmas is ruined?


Purchase Christmas O’Clock at

Ebook is $2.99

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TFTD_audible_coverTales from the Dreamtime

Three grownup Tales from the Dreamtime in one novella

A conversation with Galahad

A prince on a quest and a goddess in mourning

A stolen kingdom and the Fractal Mirror

Three tales of wonder and great deeds

Three tales of heroes and villains

Enter the Dreamtime, the world of fairytales, the flower of all that is delightful and mysterious, frightening and amazing. Enter and be enchanted, if only for an evening.

Audible Book–Narrated by Craig Allen

Audio Book $14.95

Purchase this e-book novella  for only $2.99   OR  the paperbook for $7.99 at either of these fine vendors:

purchase at

purchase at Barnes& 

About Craig Allen, Narrator of Tales From the Dreamtime:

Craig_Allen_Headshot-001Craig Allen is a stage, live virtual world, and voiceover actor. When he is not recording audio books, he is performing live theater in virtual world environments such as Second Life, OSGrid and Kitely, and doing voice work for machinima projects. He is the managing director of Avatar Repertory Theater (, a premier theater troupe for live virtual environment performance. He is also on the board of directors of New Media Arts, Inc. ( a non-profit organization that is the parent company for A.R.T. and its sister organizations Avatar Media Productions, which produces machinima and real time animation videos, the Antique Pattern Library, which provides online and for free out of print craft design books such as needlework and woodworking, and Seanchai Library/StoryFest, which stages live readings of literary works within virtual world platforms. You can find out more about Craig at his web site,


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