Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels

Arriving on April 16, 2019, this book is available for pre-order now at all digital bookstores:

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Twenty bestselling and award-winning authors offer enchanting tales of women and girls forging paths through darkness and peril. Cleverness, curiosity, and determinations make worthy heroines in fantastical new worlds.

Featuring stories by:

Jody Lynn Nye
Katie Cross
Robyn Bennis
Raven Oak
Frog and Esther Jones
Dawn Vogel
Matt Youngmark
Lee French
Connie J. Jasperson
Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins
Jeremy Zimmerman
Edward J. Knight
Elmdea Adams
Fulvio Gatti
Robert J. McCarter
Lou J. Berger & Ian Berger
Sarah Bartsch