Monsoons and the Dust Bunnies of Life

To my left we have one of the most iconic heroes of the Final Fantasy Series, Cloud Strife.  He is a flawed hero, a man who is living a lie and who breaks under the strain. Nevertheless, Cloud saves the day, but only because he has the support and love of his companions. At the beginning of the game , Cloud is an island, who only reluctantly accepts friendship, and as the game progresses he falls in love.  The girl he loves is killed in one of the saddest cutscenes in gaming history, and he begins to go to pieces. Still, even though he has been living a lie, his companions rally around him and force him to do what only he can do.

So, what does Final Fantasy VII have to do with monsoons and dust bunnies?

If you have to ask, you aren’t a gamer.  For me, monsoon season is gaming season. I don’t play daily, or even weekly, but on the days I do, I play all day, and don’t emerge from the gameroom for anything short of an earthquake. I think if I didn’t have to write books, I could one day be found dead in my gameroom with the controller in my hand, having starved to death.

Final Fantasy VIII was my all time favorite because of the strong storyline and wonderful characters. Squall Leonhart was the tough guy whose hard exterior concealed his vulnerabilities. In the end, his acceptance of his own vulnerability is what makes him strong. There is a strong romance in the tale, and also a strong story Squall’s gradual discovery of his past is intertwined in the action.

I’m actually currently playing (again) Final Fantasy XII, which is my favorite in the entire franchise, because the storyline is so rich and multi-layered. For me, the attraction of gaming is the interactive aspect of it.

What you do or don’t do can affect the storyline and the outcome. It’s the same reason I write – who doesn’t love a flawed hero who overcomes the odds and saves the world?

Gaming stirs my creativity, as long as I don’t become an unkempt, pajama-clad walking wraith whose only goal in life is to level-up…

No.  Not me.

No, I’m sure I’m not that person.  Well, not today anyway.  Until NaNoWriMo is over, I have to write and can only blog about gaming. Even though the monsoons have once again set in here in dark and dreary Olympia, I will write like the wind, building on my storyline and getting as high a word-count as I’m able.

But on December 1st, I will binge on gaming, until I’ve leveled my teams up so they can beat anything they are faced with.


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4 responses to “Monsoons and the Dust Bunnies of Life

  1. I LOVE Cloud Strife. I was just watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on DVD yesterday (while taking a break from my NaNo novel). I never actually played Final Fantasy (I was more of a MMORPG–Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Aion–person) but I love the storyline and the music. Thank you for coming by to visit my blog and for leaving a comment. I hope we can stay in touch. It’s wonderful to find people who game and write!


    • Advent Children is awesome, but if you never played the game it probably didn’t make a lot of sense! Good luck on your nanowrimo word count! I am dragon_fangirl on NNWM! I ‘d be glad to be a writing buddy!


      • I sent you an invitation on NaNo (I’m chaeron). I read up the FFVII storyline on Wiki (such a nerd, I know.) My husband thinks the storyline makes no sense, but that’s because he didn’t make the emotional investment in learning more. 🙂 My NaNo novel is done; just finished second round of edits and my husband is beta-reading it now. It’ll be with my editor by December. Whoot! 😉


      • Totally ‘Woot!!!” I freely admit to not being that fast with my work. Going out to the NaNo site now!