Billy’s Revenge

HTB full cover for create space copyThe Billy’s Revenge series takes place in one of my favorite places: The wayside inn known as Billy’s Revenge.  Irene Luvaul is currently editing the first book in the series, Huw the Bard,  and I am making revisions per her kind-but-firm direction. I have begun work writing Book 2, Billy Ninefingers. It’s good to back among my close friends at Billy’s Revenge!

In regard to the Tower of Bones series, book 1, Tower of Bones is currently in the final stages of review and will be available in print by January 1st, 2013.  Forbidden Road is being prepped for publication and will be available in both print and Kindle format by the end of January 2013, barring any formatting issues. Carlie Cullen and I finished the fourth and final edit and Sherrie DeGraw is proof-reading the final edited version. I have made great headway on book 3 in that series, Valley of Shadows and also am nearly done with a stand-alone novel, Mountains of the Moon.

Writing consumes me – I have more ideas and stories than I have time to write them. I have a large number of works in progress at all times so that when I run out of ideas in one tale I can move on to another, and my creative mind is always flowing.

Irene Luvaul has given me some excellent advice in regard to keeping things straight.  If you have a made-up word, write it on a list of names and words you are using in that tale so that your spellings and capitalizations remain consistent throughout the work.  This is a really good idea for me, as I have a LOT of invented and fractured names in all my work!  I have done this, and I refer to it frequently.  When I find myself keying something wrong, I do a control-f search (find and replace) and make sure every instance of that word is consistent within the manuscript.  Irene is currently on a ‘which’ hunt.


In the course of editing Tower of Bones and Forbidden Road, I was rudely surprised by the number of instances of ‘had been’, ‘that’, and ‘very’ salting my first draft.  I’ve conquered the urge to fall back on those words to a certain extent, but now ‘which’ has become the bugaboo word for me! What happens is we use words repetitively and don’t realize it.  Carlie Cullen in the Tower of Bones Series and Irene Luvaul in the Billy’s Revenge series both keep me on track and out of trouble.  As I always say, writing is a journey and I never know what is around the corner.

At least everything is finally back on track and going forward as well as is possible in both series.  I also have my book of fairy-tales inching toward completion, and hopefully by June they will be ready to be published. There is a time-traveling story about Galahad, a modern take on a Snow White mashup along with several traditional style tales, all of which are nearly complete and will need editing soon. Writing the tales for that book is a great deal of fun, because telling the tales with a traditional, Brother’s Grimm style of narrative is rather liberating.  The tales are not for children.  If you think about it, most fairy-tales are extremely violent and involve adult situations.  I’ve always thought they were tales for grownups, anyway!


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  1. I shall be buying this, Connie – it sounds great!


  2. Wow – thank you JD! And thank you Alison – it’s good to hear praise from writers I respect as much as I do you.


  3. Ross

    So ggod to see this fab book back up on Amazon and available, with its fantastic new cover. Means I can blub at the ending all over again!