Alton Brown, the Futility of Stone Calendars, and Chocolate Chile Cookies


As Homer Simpson once said, “Mmmm… chocolate….”

I love to bake cookies, and I have found the tastiest cookie ever.  I spent the end of the world baking cookies, just on the off-chance that the world would not end, and Christmas would arrive. If that were so, I would need to serve cookies and coffee to random guests as they might appear over the impending holidays, so better safe than sorry. The picture above left is for Chocolate Crackled Cookies, and is not only made with yummy chocolate, there is Roasted Saigon Cinnamon and Ancho Chile Powder in them.  The odd sounding combination works perfectly! 

Of course, Alton Brown tells us that when the Mayans and Aztecs were not killing time with 220px-Alton_brown_2011chiseling long-range calendars, they were known to drink hot chocolate spiced with chilies. Of course, most Meso-Americans were quite busy with religious obligations and  had very little time to pursue hobbies such a stamp collecting or assembling jigsaw puzzles, so calendar chiseling may have offered a diversion from the endless social rounds of war and ritual human sacrifice. Heck, even a simple ball game tended to end badly for the loser, so I’m sure a bit of hacking away at the old boulder with a hammer and chisel offered some relatively safe relaxation.

You know, I think the fact that the Mayan Calendar was chiseled into stone and ended on 12-21-2012 is a perfect reminder as to why we don’t use stone anymore for things like long-range calendars and day-planners.  After all, stone is a finite medium!  There is only so much stone available at a given point for a chiseler to chisel upon, so it stands to reason that at some point the calendar chiseler will run out of stone and the stone calendar will end.

Anyway, I find the Google Calendar to be much less trouble than a stone to fit into my purse, seeing as it is available on my phone, my laptop and my pc as well as the Android.  Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to plead ignorance in regard to appointments I’ve made and forgotten about.  I get email reminders 2 days, 1 day and 2 hours in advance, along with pop-up reminders.  The phone dings, and I (like Pavlov’s Dog) automatically reach to see what conditioned behaviors the digital-leash is encouraging me to exhibit now.

The Infinity Bridge by Ross M KitsonSo now I that I have digressed and wasted copious quantities of time by baking, criticizing the Mayans time-keeping system and eating chocolate cookies, I will sit in my office and write a post (one day late) for my Best in Fantasy blog, this one examining the best book covers of 2012.  There is some mighty fine artwork out there and indie books are just as beautifully covered as the books published by the ‘Big 6’ publishers.



NORTHMAN cover JD Hughes


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3 responses to “Alton Brown, the Futility of Stone Calendars, and Chocolate Chile Cookies

  1. Stone calendars are also so heavy…ugh…who wants to lug that around in the handbag. But I would definitely lug those beautiful books around! So much prettier than stone, and much more interesting too 🙂


  2. I love those cookies, Connie and the post! My doc has just told me to lay off the sweet stuff this Christmas, but I can persuade myself that the odd cookie is psychologically beneficial, I think…

    Thanks for posting my cover and for your review – much appreciated. Your Tower of Bones cover should be there, too. 🙂


    • Thank you J.D. – the covers in the post I am woking on are all awesome, total works of art! I do love my covers – but there are so many gorgeous ones out there that mine pale in comparison!