More Wisdom of the Ages: Write the Damned Book


Yes. Even Loki loves my work and want’s me to just get on with it. But here I am, stalled and unable to concentrate. because of things…strange, annoying things…. And what about this word? Is it even real?



Never mind. I’ll just sit here and. sulk for a while. What is my purpose? Why do I do this?


But I have a gift–a gift, I tell you!  Someday people will say “I knew that loser back when she had a job!”



But no…I must hold fast to my dreams of someday selling vast quantities of kindle downloads! Someday I will sell more books than Hugh Howey. And he sold a bunch…so many that he scared the big publishers into acting like dumbasses…they showed up  at his house with pitchforks and Hachettes….



Someday I will be more than just the crazy old lady locked in the office for everyone’s safety. Someday I will be famous for having written a fantasy series that rivals Tolkien…someday.

Special thanks to Tumblr for providing me with all the diversions!


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4 responses to “More Wisdom of the Ages: Write the Damned Book

  1. The memes…they hurt!