Squirrels hijacked my day.


An external electronic mind is a wonderful tool in the intrepid writer’s toolbox.

When you can get to it, that is.

When your computer answers your call to action.

Yes. THEN the computer is a wonderful thing.


Windows dialogue box 7 log-off-cartoon


Windows Dialogue box 8 azbMYqB_700b-306x250


windows dialogue box 4 Windows_95_Dialog_Box>>><<<

windows dialogue box 3-moitor-is-not-plugin-prompt-funny-pinoy-photos


windows dialogue box 2 end-of-universe-warning


windows dialogue box 6 dude are you sure


windows dialogue meme 1 imagesFile-missing-dialog


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2 responses to “Squirrels hijacked my day.

  1. David P. Cantrell

    I think I’ve seen some of those messages.