My impressions of Windows 10

hp-touchsmart-320-1030-full-setI got this machine in Jan 2012, and it just happened to come with the newer style of touchscreen. I have a HP Touchsmart 320 PC, but even though it was WIN 8 ready, I never went with WIN 8 because, for what I do, I prefer to use a mouse, and at that point (in 2012) I wasn’t sure that I liked the “swipe and go” method.

So, I’ve had Windows 10 now for about a week. It was different, being in the first wave of folks making the change from WIN 7 to 10.  I lost pretty much of an evening to making the switch, but you do expect that, when you upgrade something as fundamental as your OS (operating system).

So far I like it. Good job Microsoft–it works on my machine as it was designed.

It’s fairly easy to navigate, and I had no trouble seeing everything on the screen. (I have elderly eyes, so this is a good thing). It looks good.  You can easily access the task screen.

prnt scrn win 10 task screen

My only complaint was that at first Windows Live Movie Maker seemed to be lacking all the transitions I was used to. But they are back now and I am pleased. I don’t know if that is because of an update or what, but I was fairly unhappy when all but four transitions were unavailable.

prnt scrn wlmm TOB

All in all finding files is fairly easy–the File Explorer menus are easy to read and are visually a lot like WIN 2003

prnt scrn win 10 file menu

I have just received the invite to subscribe to the new MS Office. I have it on my devices and I will be checking it out to see if that subscription covers my PC as well. I have to say, I like Office 2010, and am not that keen on switching, unless it is so awesome that I can’t resist the awesomeness. So I will be doing a little research on that.

For Dave Cantrell’s view of WIN 10, check out his recent post at Dave Said It.


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  1. Useful info, thank you. I love Windows 7 and detest Win 8 that I merely endure on the laptop I was dubious about 10… it doesn’t sound, or look, too bad. Thank you!