#FridayFiction: The Dunes at Westport

P.S. Krøyer, Summer Evening at Skagen Beach – The Artist and his Wife (1899) Via Wikimedia Commons

P.S. Krøyer, Summer Evening at Skagen Beach – The Artist and his Wife (1899) Via Wikimedia

The Dunes at Westport

Hidden where the dune grass grows

Beside the salty sea

Tall, the dune grass shields our tryst

Beside the wide, grey sea.


Hard and sweet, the wind does blow

From off the tumbling sea

The path is lined with strawberries

Wild and thriving in the lee.


A basket filled with simple foods,

Bread, and wine, and cheese,

A blanket spread upon the sand

Sheltered from the breeze.


Seabirds glide upon the wind

Calling from on high

Pipers step at water’s edge

With plovers they do vie.


We’ve slipped the bonds of modern life

And come down to the sea

Sheltered in the dunes we’ll rest

My only love and me.


A secret tryst, my love and I

Beside the salty sea

A day beneath the wide, blue sky

My dear, dear man and me.

“The Dunes at Westport” © 2016 Connie J. Jasperson, All Rights Reserved



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2 responses to “#FridayFiction: The Dunes at Westport

  1. This makes it sound and look romantic. No doubt once there was a time. Ever watch the crab races in Westport?

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    • I have not– that sounds like an event! But I did see a gray whale while taking the old ferry between Westport and Ocean Shores. I have spent many hours in that strange town, even caught a 32 lb. Salmon one year. It’s the perfect day trip from where we live–about an hour and a half west on Highway 12.


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