#amwriting: Update on Works in Progress

Quill_pen smallAs always, I have several writing projects going at once.

Project one: I’ve been making headway on the rough draft of my next book set in the Tower of Bones world of Neveyah. I still don’t have an actual title, but it’s a prequel set far back in the past and highlights the people and events that led to the founding of the College of Warcraft and Magic and the city of Aeoven. I am still in the early stage of creating the framework of the story. The characters are beginning to take shape, and their motives are becoming more apparent to me.

As these people evolve, the framework of the story changes so I am constantly adjusting things. Fortunately I keep a spreadsheet of so I don’t derail my story arc.

I have written the hook and introduced the characters. The inciting incident and the first plot point are written. Another hitch in my main character’s plans has just occurred, changing things up a bit. I am on my way to the midpoint and a major stumbling block. I do have an outline for this, although it’s not a firm plan. I hope to top out at 90,000 words in the final draft, and I have an idea of where events should fall within the expected word count.

Project two: I am in the process of doing character sketches and outlining a contemporary novel set on the Washington coast. Those characters are clear to me, and their motives are clear. I’m in the process of deciding the order of events and mapping out the locale in which the story takes place.

Project three: I am in the final stages of getting Billy Ninefingers (a literary medieval fantasy set in the same world as Huw the Bard) ready for my trusty beta readers. I still don’t have a cover, but it will be similar to Huw the Bard. I intend to Publish Billy in June.

Project four: I have been stalled on the final chapters of my serial,  Bleakbourne on Heath. I know what has to happen, but am not sure how I want to write it, so it’s on hiatus at the moment. I still intend to have it finished by June. As I said, I know what has to happen. I know what the final pinch point is, and I know what the final resolution must be.

I know who will not survive and why that must be.

Project five: Two longish short stories for anthologies: one with a theme of redemption, and the other with a theme of bridges. Both due March 30th. Both in the oh-my-god-I-don’t-know-what-to-write stage.

Trust me,  I got this.


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When I reach a stopping point on one project, I move on to another, so writer’s block doesn’t completely waylay me.

I just need to sit somewhere peaceful with a cup of Earl Grey. I need the chance to stare off into space, visualizing how these events will unfold, and then I will have my grand finale. Sometimes a change of scenery for me boosts my ability to think creatively.

So, that is the basic update on my works-in-progress. How are your projects going? Update us in the comments section!


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4 responses to “#amwriting: Update on Works in Progress

  1. Wow, that’s plenty of projects, and entirely what I wish I could do!
    Due to lack of time I rarely have more than two on the go at a time – currently outlining a novella prequel to my Five Kingdoms series, to be a free lead magnet, and throwing ideas around in my head for the third and climax book to the series – I know the overall arc, but not details yet.
    All else is on hold until I have my accounts done – UK tax deadline 31st January looming altogether too close.
    Have a lovely Christmas, or a productive one, if that’s your style 😀

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  2. That’s a lot of projects! Good for you Connie! I’ve found through trial and error that for me working on multiple writing projects like this slows me down and I end up getting less done over all, so I try to just focus on one, sometimes two these days. My blog for this Friday I talk about the two I’m working on now and, to be honest, I’m slightly nervous about having two going at once. I have a tremendous amount of respect for writers like you and Lindsay who can work on almost half-a-dozen at a go and make progress on all of them!