Goodbye 2017 #amcelebrating

Christmas Day has gone, taking with it the snow that lent our small valley transitory beauty. It left behind the memory of cozy warmth, of a table laden with comfort food, and old friends sharing a holiday meal.

The old year is nearly over, and while it has been a difficult year in many ways for my family, I have far more blessings than I can count.

My New Year’s Eve wish for you is: May you never lack for good food, warmth, and the companionship of witty people. May you always have books to read, and may happiness regularly cross your path.



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9 responses to “Goodbye 2017 #amcelebrating

  1. Have a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL 2018, Connie 😃

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  2. Beautiful feeling for 2017 and welcome for 2018. I am sure coming year will prove a valuable for us.

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  3. Have a happy and healthy new year.

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  4. Beautiful sentiments, I wish the same for you. May your 2018 be fabulous.


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