no internet, no happy, #amwriting

The internet has been out here at Casa del Jasperson since Friday.

I have been surfing the internet on my phone, which has been interesting. My word count is still on track, but I have gone wide of what was originally plotted.

This little update is coming to you from my cellphone – a first for me. So, no images or graphics today.

We should have the internet fixed this afternoon. In the meantime, write what you feel passion for and be happy.

I hope to have a post on Wednesday.

Peace, and happy writing.



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12 responses to “no internet, no happy, #amwriting

  1. Glad you are back online! Unplugging is such a necessary part of recharging….but it’s hard when it’s not by choice! 💞

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  2. It’s peculiar that you have access to the internet on your phone but not on your PC/laptop. Could it be a reboot is needed for your internet provider?


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