It’s Official

Final forbidden road front cover jpgIt’s official – Forbidden Road is now available as a kindle download!  I’ve even made a tweet:

FORBIDDEN ROAD-bk 2 in #TowerOfBones series   Sorrow, Peril and Magic in the Valley of Mal Evol!

This is where it gets strange. I have this weird feeling of being disconnected from the process, even though I am in the middle of doing it.  I’ve done everything I can think of to get the word out, and now I can only hope for the best. I think people who like Tower of Bones will be curious as to where the story goes.

Writing Forbidden Road was an emotional thing in many ways.  There are some serious, dramatic moments in this book.   All I know is the book is done and has left the building!

Now I am taking my imagination backwards in time to finish the book Mountains of the Moon, which covers the events of forty years prior to Tower of Bones.  This book is a stand-alone book as Tower of Bones was and is in many ways a comedy. Wynn, Edwin’s grandfather was a bad-boy!

Once Mountains is finished I can flesh out Valley of Sorrows.  Some of the events in Valley involve John Farmer’s coming to terms with his inability to face the fate of one of Wynn’s companions, in an event he felt responsible for.

So today is the big launch, another chick has left the nest!  Now I must get busy and write, write, write!



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3 responses to “It’s Official

  1. And a damn fine book it is too! You deserve every bit of success that I hope will come your way, my dear!


  2. It’s on my TBR list, Connie! I always enjoy a good quest. TOB is on the list too, but it’s a long list. I’m getting old and slow 🙂