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knights-round-table-2I love author blogs. I love the way authors who write novels think, and that is what I love about author-blogs. You get the raw mind in action when you read these works of art.  For example, today  before breakfast I read:

J.D.HUGHESA Few Thoughts About SnowIt’s an awesome post, and the way he describes the scenery and the thoughts that snow inspires in him is really beautiful.  Quote: “I live in a rural area and for the homeless here there are fewer places to escape nature than there are in the city. Every winter, with a regularity that suggests premeditation, an unfortunate is found frozen to death behind a stone wall, in a field or even a doorway and the death is recorded as misadventure. I doubt that person’s life was much of an adventure (I might be wrong), but to dismiss it with an innocuous word like ‘misadventure’ is an insult to the dead. Perhaps we should call it manslaughter or culpable homicide – in the Scottish legal sense  –  since we all partook in the death, by omission, or just by being too busy to notice someone slip from being a live human to being a dead misadventure.”

Then, oddly enough, I was inspired to read Carlie M.A. Cullen’s lovely flash-fiction post on Spring. Quote: “Birds warble as they flit from bough to bough; small creatures rustle the undergrowth, reminding me that soon their offspring will be born.” Such a lovely post today.

After that, Johanna Garth’s wonderful blog Losing Sanity made me laugh and think of how entertaining children are, and what a mystery their minds are. Quote from ‘Life Lessons From a Little Boy: “Mom, life is a lot like chess,” he told me as I stopped to photograph and tweet a picture of golden daffodils.

“How so?” I asked.

“You have to  have an open mind. Be ready for anything. If you just concentrate on one way of
winning you might not see all the other ways.” He was wearing his oversized blue  hoodie and ripped jeans. Suddenly I had a glimpse of him as an adult, possibly  wearing the exact same outfit.

I really identify with Johanna’s experience as a mother–the most entertaining, intelligent people I know are children. When I read her blog I get a bit of my own experience raising children back, and it makes me smile.

Alison DeLuca’s wonderful blog, Fresh Pot of Tea was on a subject near and dear to my heart–beauty and aging. Quote from her post, Lovely Age: “After watching Driving Miss Daisy on a date years ago, I turned to the fellow who had brought me to the movies.  “You know,” I said, “Jessica Tandy really is a stunning woman.”

“What?” He was horrified. “But – she’s old!”

Yeah, I broke up with him not long after that.”

Alison cracks me up, with her ability to tell the painful truth and make you laugh at yourself.

Then there are the helpful blogs, like Mary W. Walters’ blog The Militant Writer. This week’s post was particularly interesting to me as it is on marketing. Establish a S.M.A.R.T. book promotion goal is this weeks title. Quote: If “to sell books” is all I’m striving for, I’m never going to get anywhere. It’s like setting myself the goal “to lose weight” or “to read Tolstoy” or “to learn another language.” Those are ultimate goals, but they are not specific, measurable, attainable, relevant or time-sensitive goals, which is what SMART stands for (more on S.M.A.R.T. goals later).

I’ve learned a lot from following Mary’s blog since I began this journey.

These blogs are only a few of the ones I read this morning.

All in all, I spend the first one to two hours of the day reading blogs that show up in my email or blog-reader.  Some of the best writing on any given subject is out there in blog-form and it’s FREE!

Get out there and read, my friends.  And if you are an author, do me a favor, and BLOG!


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  1. Thanks for the nice words Connie. And not only is the reading free you get to make cool writer friends 🙂


  2. Mary W. Walters

    Connie, you rock.


  3. Many thanks for the mention, Connie and for pointing me to some marvellous blogs!