Sickly Smurf

nausea4Good grief, I have not been well for the last day or two. I wasn’t sure if it is food-poisoning or a virus, but lets just say there are some foods I may never be able to eat again.

I’ve always wondered how a person can tell if they have a virus or a form of the flu–so I asked the internet. I found a really good post on telling the difference here: Popsugar, posted by Jenny Sugar.  So, it looks like I have a flu bug. Today I am taking it easy, working in bed a bit, but sleeping mostly.

With that said, I have a family party at our house on Sunday. I should be fine by then — I’m lots better today. We do our family Christmas party in January because it takes a lot of stress off the kids, who are all young professionals, and have a lot of obligations during December.

christmas-gift-bagsNeedless to say, I have a kajillion grand-kid presents to bag up.  Tomorrow, maybe.

Thank God for gift bags and fancy tissue.

I think it may be my first annual deli-chicken party this year too.  I am vegan, but I am the only one, so I would have to fry a lot of chicken, and I really don’t feel like dealing with that.  I will make the mashed taters and gravy, but the chicken–my local store does a great deli-chicken.

I have been doing revisions and writing my little heart out–not so much today though.  Maybe later. I am working on connecting the threads in VOS, and getting the first section finished.

I found something interesting out on .  I get some of the most interesting things off that site. Today it was the 23 most interesting images of 2013.  Such lovely photography.  I leave you with this image of the Perseid Meteor Shower, as seen in Wyoming.




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2 responses to “Sickly Smurf

  1. I hope you’re soon back on your feet and can enjoy your family party on Sunday! Hugs ❤


  2. Thank you – I am not welded to the loo today, thank God. Tomorrow should be even better.