Monday, and the Room of Shame

Dragon_rearing_up_to_reach_medieval_knight_on_ledgeToday, my plans are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Clean the Room of Shame (my office)

2. bake bread

3. dust for cobwebs, and sweep the front  porch

4. organize kitchen a bit better (if Hell has frozen over)

5. prepare fabulous dinner for husband.

6. Connect two disparate threads in current work-in-progress.

Alas – most likely only 5 and 6 will happen.  The Room of Shame gets sort of dug out and reshuffled two times a year. The last time I cleaned it, there was still fur from our late cat in some of the corners. Yum Yum (rest her little soul) died in 2008.

800px-Southampton_Medieval_Merchants_House_kitchenI might get some baking done if I get to a stopping point on my story. I love to bake, and I love fresh bread, but I am the laziest woman these days.  I know that if I want to eat I must cook, but sometimes I just go with the Dave’s Killer Bread, rather than baking my own. Its vegan and good, but still home made is better.

Like writing, laundry is an ongoing process, so it doesn’t make it to a list. How do two old people make so much laundry? It’s insane. I don’t get it–I have the most modern of laundry doing appliances and still they don’t pick the clothes up and load themselves. Nor do they then fold and put the laundry away, as I think they should do. What’s up with that?  It’s very frustrating.

the way I work

Most likely I will remain in the room of shame, feet propped on filing cabinet, keyboard in lap, pecking away, writing fantasy tales about people who actually DO things. Perhaps Irene and I will go out for lunch. She’ll come by and pick me up and…

…but that means she’ll see the living room…

Oh-god–I have to clean the house. Gotta go!

And how do you intend to spend YOUR day?


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2 responses to “Monday, and the Room of Shame

  1. My “room of shame” is in someone else’s home.
    Where I do my writing is the epicenter of the cosmos, and I am He Who Invents the Future.
    (There is a peanut gallery I need to snap out of existence today…but, alas, they shall only pop back into existence tomorrow.)