Wringing inspiration from a stone

Wrong-Way-Traffic-Sign-K-101-1Writing is sometimes a bit of a struggle. Some days you just have to force it, and if you get a thousand words, you’ve scored! It isn’t that I have lost my fire for this tale–on the contrary–I love these characters and their story incredibly.  I’m just at a spot where I am not sure how to proceed.

I’m building up to an important moment in the tale. I know what has to happen. I know who must be there and what they will do–I just can’t set the scene in my head. Gradually, one conversation at a time, it is taking shape.

When I see it in my head it is one thing.  When I see it on the screen, it’s another. Pulling this out of my head is worse than cleaning the refrigerator.

It’s amazing, the stuff that you find.

800px-Singapore_Road_Signs_-_Temporary_Sign_-_Detour.svgSo–I’ve come up with a plan.  I made the plan so that I would have something to do when I was not writing what I was trying to write. Making plans is really a good diversionary tactic for when you are avoiding doing something that you should be doing.

Like writing.

traffic-sign-reflective-10683So I work on business until my head hurts. Then I write a little. Then I do some things around the house but not too much–I don’t want my husband to think I’ve turned into a domestic diva or something. And then I write a little more.

Then I blog.

Then I write a little.  Then I read, which is a lot more fun than any of the above.

Then I get my behind back in the chair and force myself to write, even though I know whatever falls out of my head won’t remain in the book in this incarnation. It will be filtered through me, the betas and then the editors, so the point is to just get that idea out there onto the paper.

6a0120a85dcdae970b0120a86d6130970b-piWhy is it so stinking hard?.

It’s like having to work on Saturday, and hoping that when you get home your spouse or the kids will have done the dishes.

You know the house will be trashed, and the darlings will be starving despite the mountain of cereal bowls in the sink–and you know it will be your job to rush around like a freak solving the problem.

But when it’s done, and the first draft of your manuscript is finished, it’s so worth the effort.


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3 responses to “Wringing inspiration from a stone

  1. I love it when a plan comes together!


  2. This is so weird – I had this very conversation with a new writer I’m mentoring just last night. He knew where he wanted to get to and who had to be there, but couldn’t quite see the next little bit and had been stuck for about a week. We did a little brainstorming and I threw a couple of ideas at him and then suddenly, as if by magic, he was fired up and ready to write. No more searching for rocking horse manure or trying to pull hens teeth for him!
    Hey girlfriend, you know my number . . . 😉


    • Thank you ma’am, and of course if I was suffering from something requiring external guidance I would call you! I know where they are going and I know when they’ll get there, lol! I even know how they will react when they do! I just have to force myself to SIT DOWN AND WRITE it. It is a connecting part between two sections that are already written, so one would think it would be easy, seeing that everything is already engraved in stone, so to speak. Inspiration I have plenty of. It’s the Perspiration I am lacking.