HUW the BARD cover reveal


HTB New Front Cover with gold frame


HTB back cover for create space

Excerpt from ‘HUW THE BARD’ 

Copyright 2014 by Connie J. Jasperson, All Rights Reserved

Desperately Huw continued fighting despite the intense pain in his now useless left hand. Somewhere along the way, Huw noticed it was just he, Derik and Bil still fighting.

After what felt like hours, Bil got in a lucky swing and had the creature hamstrung. It lay thrashing on its side, but still the men could rarely get close enough to the beast to do any more damage. Huw stumbled across a sword, and without thinking he picked it up and threw it, hoping to hit an eye. He heaved it just as the creature opened its mouth to snap at Bil.

The sword entered the gaping maw and sank to the hilt, impaling the soft tissue in the creature’s throat. The firedrake writhed in the dirt, gagging, struggling vainly to dislodge it with his little arms. The high-pitched keening shredded the hearing of everyone in its range. At last they were able to swarm the creature, the three of them hacking at it until they succeeded in finally cutting the great head off, ending the battle.

The silence was deafening, and Huw reeled. “I don’t know about you lads, but someone else is going to have to bury this thing. I’m knackered.” The pain of his injuries rushed in, causing him to drop his sword. Huw fell to his knees, puking his guts up. The last thing he saw was the clearing slowly spinning, as he fell forward into a soft pool of darkness.


Off and on all day other excerpts from ‘Huw the Bard’  will be appearing on these lovely blogs:


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But this is not the only wonderful thing happening this week!  My novella of short stories, Tales From the Dreamtime has been made into an audiobook, and is now available at Amazon and also through iTunes. The wonderful narration was done by Craig Allen, a voice-actor of extraordinary ability. His reading brings the words to life, and working with Craig was a joy.

I have discovered audiobooks, and find them to be wonderful companions on road trips, or even to listen to as I work around my house.

This has definitely been a busy week, and Monday will be even more so, with the launch of Huw the Bard, and the ensuing madness of promoting my work.  Promotion is my weak spot–but I must get better at it. Promotion is part of the indie author’s daily routine, and I must not be lazy!

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