#FlashFic Friday: A Million Lights


Tarantula Nebula, Hubble Image courtesy NASA and Wikimedia Commons (PD)

A Million Lights

A million lights above me

Candles in the sky

Beacons in the dark of night

Cannot tell me why.


This fragile rock we live on

Trivial and lone

A home so small and simple

The only one we own.


Many voices on the wind

Striving to be heard

No matter how you dress us up

We’re petty and absurd.


A million lights above me

Darkness here below

Can’t we all just get along?

We’ve nowhere else to go.

A Million Lights © Connie J. Jasperson 2015, All Rights Reserved



Filed under #FlashFictionFriday, Literature, writing

4 responses to “#FlashFic Friday: A Million Lights

  1. Nicely done Connie. My sentiments about our world also.


  2. In small tribal societies or former eastern bloc countries where the individual feels powerless to resist or change the tyrant, that powerlessness translates into stories of flying, or into verbal levity as the only means of preserving sanity in an absurdly oppressive world. Hopefully we haven’t got there yet.


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