#FlashFictionFriday:1998 Boxing up Michael

paul cornoyer rainy day in madison square

1998 Boxing up Michael

Putting his things in boxes,

Placing them on the wet grass by the street,

Rain on my face, stinging.

Tears in my eyes, also stinging.

Anger, hot in my heart because, stupidly

I believed.

Changing sheets, changing locks,

Changing passwords, changing banks.

Doubt should have prevailed.

Sanity could have prevailed.

My trust was his tool and, stupidly

I believed.

His books and tools and clothes resided

In open boxes on rain-damp grass,

And later he found them on Sylvia’s grass

Because some things never change.

He was a lesson learned because, stupidly

I believed.

1998 Boxing Up Michael by Connie J. Jasperson © 2016 All Rights Reserved


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2 responses to “#FlashFictionFriday:1998 Boxing up Michael

  1. Stephen Swartz

    Alas, I cannot help but recall that horrible film “Boxing Helena.” Pardons!

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  2. !!! Who knows what I was channeling in 1998!