#FlashFictionFriday: Oregon Sunset (reprise)

We sat on the beach near the fire,

Two old people bundled against the cold Oregon sunset.

Friends we’d never met fished the surf,

Children and dogs ran at waves’ edge.

Red sky, red mist, red sunset. Fire, water, wind, and you.


Wind whipped my hair, gray and uncut,

Tore it from its inept braid,

August wind, chill inside my hood, but I remained,

Pleased to be with you, and pleased to be on that beach.


The sea roared loud, filling my ears,

My blood and

My heart,

And where ever you are that is my beach,

My ocean, my sunset.


Mist rose with the tide, closed in and enfolded us,

Blotting out the falling stars and,

Laughing at our folly,

We dragged our weary selves back to our digs,

Rented, but with everything two old people needed.


The gas fire warmed me

And you warmed me,

And these memories warm me now

When snow blankets our inland valley

And Oregon seems far, far away.


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3 responses to “#FlashFictionFriday: Oregon Sunset (reprise)

  1. Stephen Swartz

    A sunset by the sea
    Is the place you should be
    Stuck in the sand at your feet
    With a picnic the ants eat.
    Still, it is quite fine
    To spend some time
    Writing a seaside poem
    Even if it’s not an epic tome.

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  2. Reading the drabble that inspired this poem helped me appreciate it that much more. I guess poetry speaks for itself, but my intellect grasps onto context whenever it’s available.

    “And wherever you are, that is my beach…” Touching, beautiful.

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    • Thank you. I’m not always successful at getting my thoughts across with my short stories or poems, but this one comes from the heart, and from 7 summers spent at Cannon Beach Oregon with the love of my life. I have been blessed.

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