4 responses to “Jean-François_Millet_-_Gleaners_-_Google_Art_Project_2

  1. lmadden42

    Back in the dark ages (early 50’s) the grades schools I attended in Florida still taught art appreciation. I still remember the paintings we learned about with affection. One of them was The Gleaners; Another, The Song of the Lark; a third, alas, I can’t recall its title was of a field of tulips. Red, I think. We were asked to write little stories about some of them. I wrote one about the tulips. I would be very grateful to anyone who might know the likely title of the painting featuring the tulips. Eliminating the teaching of art and music appreciation in favor of teaching kids how to take standardized tests was a grave mistake. Enriching the minds of the young is an investment in Civilization.


    • I heartily agree. In the 1960s we had music and art in school, and exposure to “foreign” languages that are root languages to English – French, Spanish, and German. I was fortunate to have teachers who loved teaching.


      • lmadden42

        My High School instituted Russian language instruction in summer school right after Sputnik was launched by the Russians in 1957. The interest in Russian continued and my son went to a magnet school in the 70’s that featured Russian language instruction. Now at our local High School in Berkeley students can study Chinese! More about business and political futures than culture.


  2. That’s an intriguing connection between us – my grandsons are in a Chinese Immersion school near Seattle. They are fluent in Mandarin, which I think is wonderful.


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