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Are We There Yet Papa Smurf?

Papasmurf1We’re on day three of this epic road-trip to fame and already I’m hearing little voices saying, “Are we there yet Papa Smurf?” The answer is “Not  yet, Writer Smurf.”  We still have a few more places to visit and blanks to fill in.

Today we are signing up for both LinkedIn and About.Me.  These are two resources you may never really use on a daily or even monthly basis, but as we saw yesterday, my LinkedIn profile shows up on the first page when my author name is googled.

Go to http://www.LinkIn.com. Register your author name and begin building your professional profile.Yes, I  know you aren’t looking for a job, but agents and editors that you submit your manuscripts to will be looking at YOU. It is also a great venue for making connections with others who work in your industry–authors, editors, agents, and publishers.

If you want, you can also make a profile for your real name and use it to build your professional resume in whatever field you currently work in, i.e. biochemistry, web-design, etc.

Your Author Profile will include:

1. Your current publisher if you have one. If not with a publisher, simply put Author and Blogger

2. Your background in the industry – any work you have had published and who with, also any other relevant information. Mine looked a bit thin at first, as I had no experience. Actually, it looked naked.

3. Fill out the history with as much or as little information as you wish. This is a PROFESSIONAL site, for connecting prospective employers with prospective employees, so keep it simple and to some degree, corporate. If you haven’t already done it, now is the time to make your 250 word Author Bio.

4. upload your Author Picture so that people have some idea of who you are. (NOT the one of you wearing nothing but balloons and a smile at the office Christmas party.)

This blog, Life in the Realm of Fantasy, is linked to my profile there and updates automatically. You will be surprised at how many people you know are out there on LinkedIn. This is how my LinkedIn Profile looks:

LinkedIn prnt scrn croppedIt always surprises me when I get a message that someone has looked at my profile there, although WHY it surprises me, I don’t know. LinkedIn is something I signed up for randomly when I first started this crazy career path. I didn’t have a clue about what it was good for or why I should do it, but look at how it has paid off in terms of visibility.


The Next Stop is About.me  about.me printscreen

1. Go to http://www.about.me. If the Google page comes up, click on the link that says “http://www.about.me your personal homepage”

2. You will want to copy and paste your author bio that you made for LinkedIn

3. Upload your author photo

4. Add links to your blogs, fb author page and books

5. Sign up for the free about.me email address where you can receive your professional email.

6. Put the link to your about.me page in your Email Signature so that it automatically goes out on both your personal AND professional email. This is how MY outgoing email signature looks:

Connie Johnson-Jasperson
My About.Me link in my email signature sends those who may wonder who the heck I think I am a clear message–that I THINK I’m an author! It is a single page with everything prospective agents, editors and fans need to know.

In just the same way as Twitter and Facebook, you can play around with this page until it looks the way you want it to look. Don’t freak out if you make mistakes.  Right now my About.Me link takes the viewer to the first version of my profile instead of the newer version I have shown here.  I have a request in to support to help me get it figured out, and soon it will be the way I want it to be.

Just like my little about me profile mix-up you might sort of mess things up a bit as you begin this process, but everything can be straightened out and EVERYONE who is involved in these sites is very supportive of those like me who are complete newbies at this whole internet thingy.

As you gain experience with these media platforms your profiles will grow and become more professional and will represent you in the light that you want your work to be seen in.

And – I am always available here to commiserate when the going gets bumpy!


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