Vegans and Version Control

caloricclassic  red blender2013 has kicked off with the usual spin through the blender of life. I’ve begun a 31 day journey into the vegan lifestyle, and so far I’ve not noticed anything missing from my life other than dairy – giving up cheese is my one regret. Four days into it and I’m still committed. Not sure if I’ve lost any weight, but I don’t feel puffy so that’s something.  Unfortunately, with the return of my  thyroid tumor (benign) and a writer’s lifestyle ( I WRITE about athletic people) my chances of losing any weight are slim without both changing my diet and my level of activity. Walking is now a part of my day, walking and thinking about where my stories are going.  At this point it is unlikely the tumor will be removed again, but one never knows.  When I had the first one removed in 1981 I lost 50 lbs in 3 months.

Health issues aside, writing is also a real spin in the blender. I have 3 books in various stages of the editing process and two being formatted for print. Oh, the Agony! I am working on three or four different things every day and lets be real, I get sidetracked quite easily. It’s difficult to make the transition from my fantasy life to reality, and wait–is that a Rainbow YouTube video? Whoa, Munich in ’77…. Ronnie James Dio… Ritchie Blackmore….


I also have to make several revisions for Forbidden Road as suggested by my Beta Reader, and then Carlie Cullen will receive that one back for final approval.

The best thing (sarcasm) is when I get an email from one of my editors and I attempt to save the attachment in the wrong file!  Believe me, proper version control is crucial in this business!  I do this by saving a file in a separate folder for each step in the editing process and labeling them in a particular way that never varies. Let’s say I am saving a new file for Forbidden Road. It is the fourth time Carlie Cullen has seen it, and I have completed the revisions per her suggestions. This is the path and how I label each step in the process:

>Forbidden Road > File Folder> FR 4th Edit Complete > FR Ch 1 4th edit CC – cjjasp complete

I will attach that file to an email and Carlie will sign off or suggest further revisions. If she sends it back with further suggestions then a new File Folder will be created, for the 5th version.

If I had the sort of  relationship with an editor I have with both Carlie and Irene when I was first starting out as a full-time writer, many problems I am still dealing with in my earlier work could have been avoided! But it is all a learning curve.  The longer we do this the more we learn and the better we get at avoiding the little pitfalls of being an indie author.

I wonder if J.R.R. Tolkien would have been as easily distracted by random YouTube videos as I am.


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4 responses to “Vegans and Version Control

  1. Way to go, Connie. Changes are always a bit difficult, but you can do it. And let’s not discuss filing things in the wrong folder. There are edits and photos I’m still trying to find.


  2. JRR was a visual person, so if You Tube had been around there might not have been any Hobbitzes. Don’t sweat it 🙂


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