#FineArtFriday: Margaret Mill at Husum by Richard von Hagn

Margaret Mill at Husum by Richard von Hagn

What I like about this Painting:
The artist has captured the blustery feel of a fall or spring day—the sort of day where cold rain falls, interspersed with bright sunshine. His sky is perfect.

Artist: Richard von Hagn (1850–1933)
Title :English: Margaret mill Husum
Deutsch: Margaretenmühle vor Husum
Object type painting
Date: 1930
Medium: oil on canvas
Collection: NordseeMuseum Husum

About the Artist via de.Wikipedia (translated page):
“In his old age the following confession was not always easy for him, but he also showed his affection for a new topic in the spirit of the new German nationalism and the passing away of romanticism : “Yes, in my youth it always had to be Venice. Only much later did we realize that our homeland is just as beautiful, and actually much nicer for us. ” [6]

Credits and Attributions:

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